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Remember one thing only there is absolutely no shortcuts in life if you want to earn threw adfly use your brains and come up with an awesome idea try to think of an idea instead of hunting for one on the web and what you need main is PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE ANYWAYS!

Here are the top sites to spread your Adfly links:


  1. Go to pastebin, by clicking here
  2. Create a new paste about something popular including some good stuff like download link and put there an link. 
  3. See views at the top of the paste. Just a single refresh gives to around 10 views. 
  4. Try to make the heading as catchy as possible 
  5. If your post becomes popular then you earn a lot 


  1. You can post about tricks and tips on app pages 
  2. You can put status about really interesting information with your adfly links 
  3. You can comment on others post with adfly link 
  4. You can open up your own page about a interesting topic and get it a 100likes and then start using adfly links in them 


  1. Sign up with google blogger 
  2. Start making blogs about information and news 
  3. Use adfly links masked all over the blog along with banners 
  4. Spread your blog link everywhere possible 


  1. This is a very efective method of sharing adfly links 
  2. Make an interesting video on any of the following topic Breaking news How to use an application Dances and shows How to make money online Etc ( use your own imagination) 


  1. Sign up with twitter 
  2. Once you have atleast above 100followers start posting on top trends along with adfly links 
  3. Top trend tags with adfly links increass chances of clicks 
  4. Put up interesting tweets with adfly links 


Everything to be done here is similar to facebook 

Yahoo answers

  1. Start answering to other peoples answers 
  2. We know that we cant post links in answers, but you can give an really interesting reply and leave it incomplete 
  3. Saying that to know more please refer my source (source can consist of your adfly link )


  1. Read along forums 
  2. Find forums and answer to it along with your adfly links 
  3. Remember the information must be tempting the viewers to know more so that they click on your adfly link 
  4. Always mask your adfly link 
  5. You can spread your links even on adfly forums but remember never to SPAM 

Breaking NEWS trick 

  1. Go to top news channels and find out breaking news 
  2. Download the video or make a video by yourself commenting on the breaking news 
  3. Now post this video on or and al such sites with a catchy headline 
  4. In the description write something like " to know more about this topic please refer the link below"
  5. Spread the video link on your facebook or twitter or other social networking sites 

Referral programms

  1. Referrals are also a great way to getting money on adfly!
  2. Always post adfly banners with your referral link on your sites or blogs 
  3. You can get your family and friends to start using adfly with your referral links 

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