How to make money on tumblr


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Do you want to make money with your tumblr blog? 

If you do – you’re not alone. I started thinking about this long ago, because I understood that the traffic in tumblr is just HUGE! I mean I don't even have a viral tumblr account, I just have about 2000 followers and about 3000 page views/day and can still make good money with it (as you will see below). Anyone interested in making money online would find that this is a profitable medium... Whether to earn a few extra dollars a week or to make a full time living from the net this is easy and a great proven way! But why don't you try it and leave me a comment?

In the following tutorial I'll show you how I make my income, and I have never seen anyone (untill now) using this method, so It's kind of fresh and really worth the effort as you will see.

Obviously, tumblr is just about sharing pictures, so the income must come from something related to this. As follows, the first step is to register in a free image hosting & photo sharing site that pays you for imageviews.


Imagetwist is the site with the best earning ratios and conditions (at least I haven't found any better). In this POST I explain what is this site and how to get started.

They pay  $3.00 for each 1000 image views and the minimum payout is only $2.00. Also the referral program pays you 10% earnings of each referral for lifetime and any size and quality pictures is ok to upload!

Think about this, my tumblr traffic is about 3000 pageviews a day, this equals to 9$/day and 270$/month! But that's not it, remember they pay you per image-view, so reblogs also count! See the $$$ you can make in those 100000 and more reblogs?!

Simple maths: imagine you have about 5000 reblogs/day, this is equal to $15/day + the $9 of the page-views sums $24/day and 720$/month! For doing exactly what you do now, sharing pictures! Seems good right?

But there is one other thing you can do to get more money from tumblr, use Adfly! (if you don't know this advertising site see my post about that here).

For Adfly the maths are the same, just that they pay a bit more (because the ads are more intrusive) depending on the country, in the US its $3.77 for 1000 unique views, so with 3000 pageviews a day you can make $11.3/day and 340$/month!

All together it's 1060 dollars in a month!! Obviously the more views and followers you have the more money you can make!

So this is how to do it:

  • Select "upload" choose a picture you like from your computer, here I called it "net.jpeg":

  • Copy the "Show image to friends" link

  • On tumblr dashboard select Photo and upload the photo from you pc "net.jpeg" (not the link!), click "Set a click-through link" and paste the link you copied earlier, I recommend adding some tags to increase visibility.

  • That's it for the imagetwist part! Now upload a few more photos, sit back and watch your income grow.

Now the Adfly part!

This is what I usually do (you just need to do this once!):
  • Go to your tumblr url and select "Customize" on the top right corner, then "edit HTML".
  • Go to adfly and in tools, "Website Entry Script" copy the script that looks like this:
<script type="text/javascript">
var adfly_id = 2899048;
var adfly_advert = 'int';
var frequency_cap = 5;
var frequency_delay = 5;
var init_delay = 3;
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> 

  • I recommend changing the 'int' to banner because the ads are less intrusive and I don't want people to think I'm a spammer.
  • Then in tumblr after <head> or <body> paste the script, save and you're done!

You can also put the adfly link together with the pictures link, something like this:
But I'm ok with my income so I don't bother doing that, and I also think that is too much and people may unfollow you if they see too much ads.

It's done! That's how I do my money with tumblr, I have some blogs running right now so if you want to see this method working please visit (follow and reblog): - interesting pictures and lifestyle - men fashion and style blog - sexy girls and some +18 pictures

Have fun and enjoy your money making, feel free to comment and post your results!

EDIT: Since many people have emailed me saying they are having problems getting started I made this tutorial for beginners: What is Imagetwist (with tutorial)



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  3. You know what? The title of your post immediately caught my curiosity since I have been on tumblr for more than a year now and haven’t thought of earning money from it at all! It’s just a hobby for me. But after reading this post, I am thinking about all of those hours I have spent for browsing and reblogging photos; and I couldn’t help but think about how much I must’ve earned from that had I known about it. I wish I had known effective ways to earn money online earlier. Anyways, thank you for sharing this with us. I guess it’s not too late!

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  4. Thanks for the support! Hope you make lots of $'s

  5. Hi, thank you for sharing such useful information. :)

    I was wondering how did you make posts on your tumblr blog link to imagetwist instead of the permalink page?

    Thank you,

  6. some templates do that automatically, you just need to find the one that fits the best!

  7. hey pls tell me how you connect imagetwist from theme page ..iam using the same theme which u using .but if i click the image that will go to post page .

    thank you
    nisa banu

    1. Choose the theme carefully so that it does that automatically, otherwise you have to edit the HTML code. But many themes do that by default

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