Using Youtube as a GOLD MINE

This method explains how to make money on youtube and can be used as a goldmine IF you use a good niche. 

What You'll Need:

  1. account (tutorial HERE)
  2. Youtube account
  3. account (optional)
  4. At least 1 hour of time


You need to pick a niche. For the tutorial, I will be using "Entertainment News." Need help finding a niche? Use Google's and Youtube's keyword tools to find low competition niches.

After you find your niche, go to Google Alerts and set up an alert that will send you the best news from their search engine. (For entertainment news, I used 'music video' because the keyword box searches through titles and 'entertainment' dosen't bring any results.) I have my 'How often' settings on AS-it-happens, so I can process step two quickly, as competition will rise for one news story very quickly.


Take a look at this picture: HERE. In the search results, you can see that JUST for that one news story, people are receiving TONS of views because they act fast. If you can get up in the first 5, you can hit the goldmine.

Usually within the first hour of setting up your alert, you should get an email. Pick a story. (The rest of step 2 should be done ASAP to avoid competition)

If your niche is something that has to do with a video, find the video online somewhere (for me it would be on E news etc) and either use a screen recorder [that also records audio from speakers] to record the video (I recommend camstudio for windows users) or use a downloader to download it. (If someone else posted the video on YT before you, use to strip videos from Youtube, dailymotion, or other top indexed video sites) Upload the full video on youtube as UNLISTED.

Now, go to a website builder (Webs, yola, etc.) and create a website. Make sure that you remove all pages from the website except the Home page. The name should be similar to the news story that you are using. (For me, it would be "Justin Bieber News" or something like that.)

Find a picture (or a snapshot from a video on your news story if this applies for your niche), save it to your computer, and open it up in MS paint or any other free image editing program. Press the bold 'A' to insert text. Select a huge text size and paste this text symbol into the box: ► This will be used as your play button to stimulate a "video" on your site. Save and upload the edited image to a hosting website (I recommend Dropbox) or some website builders allow you to upload them straight from the editor. Place the image on the homepage and under it, type up some basic information about the news story. (For my news story: Justin Bieber was exiting a hotel in London and hammered some paparazzi, you gotta see this for yourself!) Now, make a hyperlink on the picture, the hyperlink should be a masked link going to the unlisted video (optional: instead of linking to video directly, you can link to a bee4 link to make them do a survey before they can access video) CONGRATS! Your website is running!

Once the video is downloaded, you have two options: Edit the video with WMM (Windows Movie Maker) or edit it with Youtube's Video Editor. Both have the same features and both work for what we are going to be doing. I will be explaining how to use Youtube's editor, but WMM is the same thing, so I'm sure WMM users will still follow me.

(This step/paragraph is only for Youtube editor users)
If you haven't already, Upload the full video you just downloaded onto Youtube. Make sure to set video privacy to UNLISTED. You do not have to set tags, desc, etc because this will not be found publicly.

(This step applies for those using a niche that includes a video with the article/news story you picked)
Open up the Video Editor (found on the Upload page) and drag the full video into the timeline. Now, you want to find the part of the video where it either starts to get heated, interesting, etc. (For the video I did recently, it would be when Justin Bieber got out of the car screaming at the paparazzi) Right before or in the middle of this moment, split/cut the video. Delete the second part and insert a title. It should say something like: "See the rest of the video at: [website]" or "See the rest at the website below". Choose a background color that pops, like black text on yellow background. (In my video, I used white on red) add a text effect on it (zoom in, mirror in, etc.) Do not add transitions, we want the viewer to be hooked on the video; transitions will smoothly take them away from it. Now, give the video a catchy title ([MUST WATCH]Justin Bieber FLIPS OUT at Paparazzi!) but don't make it too long or spammy-looking. Publish the video. (WMM users should upload the video now.)

In the description, place the link but don't say "Watch the rest here" in the description because people will see that on the search results and skip your video. (in my desc, I put "Click here: [website]"

PROTIP: When putting link in description, use a free subdomain (Not like to make it look more professional. most popular ones are and ( offers A TON of subdomains, list on home page)

Make sure you use a TON of tags, even unrelated ones to make sure that we maximize our audience. (For Justin Bieber, I would put Justin Bieber, Nikki Minaj, etc)

If your video was one of the first uploaded about the topic, be ready to cashout because you will be getting LOTS of clicks from this. Use multiple stories, and you can be earning A LOT!

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