How I earned more than 650$ with adfly

I have been a member of since 18th December 2011. I am a modder for the popular game Minecraft. A modder is someone who makes mods(modifications) for games. The mod I made is called The X-Ray Mod, I have gotten lots of clicks from it.

When I released the mod back in 2011 I were hoping to reach the $5 minimum payout within the month. It took me 6 days to reach the minimum payout, I thought it were pretty cool that I had earned $5 by releasing a mod. My earnings for that month were $11.87, I am now earning the same amount every day by doing the exact same thing.

You might be asking yourself "Can I also earn that much money?", the answer is "Yes", you can do it. It will take some time to learn the basics of modding, but that's what you have this guide for.

What you will need

The first step is to register an account here. If you do not already own the game Minecraft you can buy it at their website, the price is 20€. Proceed to step 2 when you have a paid Minecraft account and an account, or if you just want to learn more before doing it.

Learning the Java Language

In this step will be linking to the tutorials that I learned from.
TheNewBoston's Java (Beginner) Programming Tutorials - I recommend that you watch tutorial 1-49 before making a mod. It will help you solve most of the problems you run into.
Google - This might seem like a bad joke, but it isn't. I would not have learned how to make mods if Google didn't exist. When you run into a problem you can't solve by yourself you can just Google it. It will answer almost any question.

Watching all of TheNewBoston's java tutorials is not required but it will make everything easier to understand.
TheNewBoston's Java (Beginner) Programming Tutorials - Watch the whole playlist before watching his Intermediate playlist.
TheNewBoston's Java (Intermediate) Tutorials - Watch all of these tutorial before moving to the game development
TheNewBoston's Java Game Development Tutorials - I haven't watched these myself but I know they are just as great as the others.

Writing your first mod 

I will be providing links to tutorials for this as it will better for you guys to learn from more than 1 person.
Minecraft Forum's Modding tutorials - This is the best website to find modding tutorials.
Popgalops Beginner-Advanced Modloader Modding Tutorial - The best modding tutorials I have ever seen.
Creating mod - Modloader/Forge - Another great tutorial list. When you are looking for good tutorials on Minecraft Forum you should look at the amount of views and replies it have gotten.

Releasing your first mod

You will need a Dropbox or similar service to upload your mod to. Mods can be uploaded by zipping the mod files and then uploaded like any other file. I'm using Dropbox myself as it is a very good service and you have a lot of monthly bandwidth per file. You can register a Dropbox account here.
Uploading a file to Dropbox - Upload your mod to the public folder using this.
What is the Public folder? - A guide to help you get the public download link which you are going to shorten with

Now register on When you have a registered user go to this section. Then open a new tab and go to the the same page and click on "Start New Topic". Then go back to the first tab and open a random mod with more than 100,000 views and look at his thread layout. Now go to tab 2 and start writing your own thread with the same layout. Remember to post screenshots of the mod and tell what it does, if you don't people will just be suspicious of you and not download the mod.

I know I used a lot of external links, but it would be impossible to fit everything on the subject into a thread.

This tutorial can be used to any game you like, just adapt it to what you like (or play) the most!

Anyway I hope this can help you guys earn more money


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