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How to make money with a blog

So everyone I have talked to keeps asking about how to make money with a blog. Is it even possible or is it just a scam like everything else online? Well today I will go over a couple ways to help any blog make money and why some do and some don’t. Its a big process and I want to help everyone as much as possible because I have spent many of my time researching for this information and I have never really found any "clear" text about this, just some guys trying to get referrals for their ad sites...

What’s the first step of blogging?

Well to tell you the truth, there really isn’t any steps. I have learned little things here and there and the absolute most important thing I have learned so far is to write daily and sincerely! Now when I say daily I usually mean about 3 out of 5 days add one or two post to your blog, this helps with your seo and people like reading new articles, watching new pics or whatever. This also shows Google that your blog (or site) is constantly getting new post and helps get you a higher rank in traffic.
Traffic is a huge and I mean a HUGE thing for most blogger because a lot of people out there tend to give up because they don’t get enough traffic so they don’t make any money... Well there is a lot of ways to help with this like Building backlinks and submitting your blog to directories.

Why are backlinks and Directories important?

Well here is a couple reasons this is important:

  • Building backlinks helps you get traffic and higher page rank.
  • Submitting your blog to directories gets your blog out to a wider area of traffic.
  • It may be a long process but in the end the traffic speaks for itself.

Now I know everyone is probley reading this thinking well how do I do all of that? In this post I have a list of the top free blogging directories.

So how can you make money blogging?

  • Utilize your blog rather than your website. You may sell directly or even can make pre-sale, your items with the means of your blog records. It can be in the shape of an advertisement, or it can also be a good evaluation or a powerful suggestions. Hence, people are required to assemble to your blog, could as well make a route by means of which you may immediately turn guests into paying clients.
  • There is no issue if you don’t have your personal product to sell. You can join any system that can be click bank, link share or and then you will automatically get an online link. You can enhance this online blog or website through your blog records and you can earn some nice percentage for each sale that you get to see. Most excellent from all, you can be a part of as many online products and programs as you like. You are not restricted to a single system. Each system you are a part of will provide an income flow for your blog.
  • Integrate a pay per click program on your website. Join AdSense or other ad hosts, so that you will be compensated each time a guest of yours simply select the advertisements that the service will appear on your website. Since, you are sure to produce a large number of traffic for your website; you will be capable of generating a lot of mouse clicks and a large amount of dollars to getting start.
  • Find out supporters. If you would like to get a guaranteed income, develop the popularity of your website by publishing frequent records of quality. When you have achieved at least 50,000 exclusive guests per month, and a page ranking of at least 4, you may offer a property value of your website to some designers willing. A simple way to reserve some supporters is through promotion and signs in www.adbrite.com appropriate statistics for your weblog.
  • At the time when you have obtained the popularity that has described above then you can also offer hyperlinks to other website owners. Since, your number of exclusive guests will be elevated and page rank of your web will be suitable then your website will be a significant item for website owners those are in search of quality hyperlinks.

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