Fast money, Fake money!

Money is a problem for everyone these days, even people who earn a good salary seem to be affected by the credit crunch, so people are tending to look at other forms of income. Although there are some legitimate ways of creating an income from the web, there are many more ways to lose money.

After pondering over this for a while, I decided that there are too many websites that tell you how to make money, so I decided to create a list of ways to lose your money instead. If losing money is what you are hoping to achieve, then following the list below will help you greatly (lol). If you are hoping to create an income, then please steer clear of this list.

Ways to lose money online:

1. Join some get rich fast scheme. There are plenty of these around. If you want to lose lots of money, I would recommend joining as many as your bank account will allow. Many of these sites will have cleverly crafted videos that show you how you will be rich after you pay to get their winning formula.

2. Online casinos gambler. Yes, these gambling websites do legitimatly pay out millions every day. But what they don't tell you is that these millions are only a percentage of what people lose to them everyday. I like going to the casino but, those online sites just don't inspire me to put my money in (maybe because I have already done that and lost money). In real life you can't write a code that makes everyone lose just because you need more income to pay your Ferrari, but online you can do whatever you imagine... Just my 5cents.

3. Stocks and shares. A great way for someone to lose plenty of money would be to trade in the stock market. There are plenty of ways for you to get involved in all the different ways of trading. Simply type ‘Stocks and Shares’ into google and you will find quite a few that offer easy access. Sinking all your money in this without any experience will help you achieve bankruptcy quite easily. Obviously if you have experience and are good at trading in the stock market, this might make you rich but 90-95% of all investors fail and lose, specially in the Forex market which is extremely volatile, I would not recommend trading with real money unless you have a clear background of how the markets behaves (I trade for about 3 years and still learn).

4. Don't take proper precautions while online shopping. Using your credit card to shop online can be riskier than when you use it in person. That's because it's easier for credit card thieves to create fake websites than it is to create fake stores. When you use your credit card online, be on guard for impostor websites and other scams designed to steal your credit card information.

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